Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Cheesecake Factory - More Than Just Delicious Desserts

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Strawberry Shortcake
 If it weren't for my sweet tooth, dessert loving friends, I would have missed out on a ton of deliciousness The Cheesecake Factory has to offer.  Of course your first impression on the name itself is sweet rich dessert, so why are there so many people dining outdoors for brunch early Sunday morning at this restaurant?  Well, you just have to make it out there.  The second you enter through the grand doors you'll notice amusement theme feel where the size is grand, the decor is grand, and best of all the food is grand.  To give you an idea, we held up a dollar next to their delicious Strawberry Shortcake.  This simple dessert of shortcake with vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries and whipped cream was just the perfect touch to complete our meal.  Each strawberry had the perfect sweetness and tartness that complemented the soft flaky cake and creamy dairy.  As grand as this dessert was, the fresh deliciousness had me wishing I didn't have to share.
Miso Salmon
The grand theme is repeated in their menu.  You'll find dishes influenced from all over the nation and world.  You'll find American, Spanish, Italian, Caribbean, Asian, and so on.  The Miso Salmon is served with snow peas, white rice and surrounded by a pool of delicious miso.  The salmon was tender and flaky, cooked with great color and flavor and is enhanced to exquisiteness when touched with the sweet savory miso sauce.
Shepherd's Pie
And even with a grand ceilings, grand furniture, and grand dishes, you can find a homey comfort with their Sheperd's Pie.  Made with ground beef, mushrooms, carrots, peas, zucchini and onion in a savory sauce covered with a mashed potato-parmesan cheese crust.  How much more comforting can that be?  The delicate veggies sits in a spa of savory brown meat base warming you with comfort in each bite.  The mashed potato takes it to another level of comfort as the creaminess of the mashed potato works your taste buds and massages you to tranquility.