Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ruth's Chris Steak House

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Blackened Sea Scallops over Cheesy Polenta Cakes (Ruth's Spring Classics Menu)
Drown in deliciousness with Ruth's Chris Jumbo Sea Scallops seared with blackening seasoning served over polenta cakes and drizzled with garlic butter and a red pepper pesto.  You'll fall in love with your first bite and each bite after will make you melt from the sweet tender, most perfect scallops ever cooked.  The red pesto adds great flavor, sweetening the dish and complimenting the scallops at the same time.  A great textural balance with a smooth pesto, plump meaty scallops, and moist creamy yet crispy polenta cakes.  Amazing scallop dish!
Spicy Lobster
Tried of winter?  Bring "July's heat" to you with the Spicy Lobster appetizer.  Succulent lobster, lightly fried, tossed in a spicy cream sauce with a tangy cucumber salad; this dish brings sweet & spicy fireworks to your mouth.  The cucumber salad with cilantro adds brightness and balances the dish.
Mandarin & Crispy Prosciutto Salad (Ruth's Spring Classics Menu)
Arugula salad tossed with dried cherries, sliced red onions, mandarin orange segments and sweet bacon vinaigrette topped with parmesan shavings and crispy prosciutto pieces.  You get an amazing balance flavor of warm smoky, sweet, and tangy.
Filet & Lobster Tail Rockefeller (Ruth's Spring Classics Menu)
A six-ounce filet prepared to your liking served with a four-ounce lobster tail topped with a Rockefeller mix of garlic butter, yellow onion and creamed spinach.  The lobster is plump and tender and rich with all deliciousness from the Rockefeller mixture.  The filet is sooo good, you need nothing more than the minimal seasoning sprinkled on; a true steak.
Chocolate Sin Cake & Fresh Berries (Ruth's Spring Classics Menu)
Rich and sinful flourless chocolate cake with a hint of espresso.  Step in to the dark side and loose yourself in the thick creamy chocolate.  Fortunately, fresh berries and a smooth light milky sauce breaks the evil trance yet pull you into another state of tasty pleasure.
2137 Deming Way  Middleton, WI 53562
(608) 828-7884

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Luigi's - Inexpensive Italian Bistro, Delizioso!

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Molten cheese oozes and surrounds this massive traditional meat lasagna.  Ricotta, mozzarella, sausage, and tomato sauce layer nicely and bring comfort with every bite.  This is lasagna done right; meaty, creamy, and saucy with every flavor distributed evenly.  I know the next time I crave for lasagna, I'll be at Luigi's getting mine!
Dough Knots
Artichoke & Mushroom Crostini
Aside from pasta, salads, pizza, and paninis, Luigi's offers a few other things such as their Dough Knots which are tied pizza dough, baked and tossed with herbed parmesan cheese and the Artichoke & Mushroom Crostini which contains roasted artichokes, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and goat cheese.  These simple appetizer size dishes have great flavors and are a great way to start.  Most involves bread though it won't spoil your appetite.  The crispy yet moist bread actually has a light tenderness to it, just enough to give the other ingredients extra texture without losing flavor.

Meatball Pasta
I know you see only three meatballs in this dish, though trust me, it's more than you can handle.  These meatballs are almost baseball size; hand-rolled, slow-cooked in Luigi's tomato sauce with corkscrew pasta, and baked with mozzarella cheese.  Unfortunately it came out a bit dry with minimal cheese and sauce, moisture and texture differences.  I would try it again only because I believe this was baked in the oven a little too long on accident and dried up the sauce and cheese, and harden the pasta.
Chicken Parm Panini
I'm not much of a sandwich person, but this - I can eat this every day!  The meaty moist tender grilled chicken brings you back to comfort and the additional flavor with the pepperoni and provolone pulls you in for more.  Though what amazed me most is the bread that cradles the deliciousness and heightens each bite through an amazing texture of moistness and crispiness to this panini that already has it going on.
Fuhgeddaboudit Thin Crust Pizza
Fuh-ged-da-boud-it!  When ordering this, you almost want to turn your hand palms up, put your fingertips together and pretend your a good fella.  The Fuhgeddaboutit pizza is made with classic cornmeal dusted thin crust pizza and is dolled up with tomato sauce, Italian meats, red onions, olives and mozzarella with arugula.  Like many other Luigi's pizza, the ingredients and toppings are unique and delicious.  My only comment is that I would have enjoyed it more if each slice held most of the toppings.  There were a few slices that didn't get all the awesome toppings.

I'll be going to Luigi's again for Italian when I'm looking for something tasty and affordable.  I mean, how can I not go back when there's the "hey yo" and "bada bing" pizzas I still need to try and also the "yeah buddy" panini.  Check it out!
515 South Midvale Blvd, Madison WI, 53711

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Amy's Cafe

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The Badrider
Flavorful with lots going on; the Badrider is a blackened burger with bacon, bleu cheese, red onions, romaine and tomato.  You get some tanginess, sharpness and a bite back from a burger that is generously seasoned with all the right spices.  Sides must be ordered separately but what's a burger without its counter part.  And at Amy's you can partner your burger with "sexy fries."  Listed on the menu, you can order plain, garlic Parmesan or Cajun.  To make your fries sexy, Amy's Cafe mixes both garlic Parmesan and Cajun seasoning.  I don't know why they call it sexy but my interpretation is that garlic Parmesan and Cajun is a pair you can't turn away from.
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger
Sweet and delicious, the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger wows the taste buds with bacon, pepperjack, BBQ sauce and onion rings.  Sounds simple and similar to other burgers found anywhere, yet it goes beyond expectation with it's yummy sauciness.  Every bite has a pack of the candy glaze BBQ, ooey gooey cheese, crunchy sweet fried onion ring and savory bacon.  Every component complements and makes you want another mouthful of this saucy burger.

Irish Nachos 
The Irish Nachos is made with waffle fries, Colby-jack, bacon, tomato, green onion with sour cream and salsa (jalapenos additional 75 cent).  Instead of nachos with tortilla, thick crispy waffle fries are placed at the bottom of the dish.  The thick waffle and bacon are the highlights of this starter  though once the sprinkled on bacon is gone a mild flavor of cheese fries resumes.  I was looking forward to the Irish Nacho, though the familiar taste was nothing more than just a loaded potato dish in a different arrangement.  Not bad for an order of loaded waffle fries, but pretty weak for Irish Nachos.
Cheese Steak
I truly have a hard time finding a good tasting cheesesteak in Madison.  I have not been to Philly and don't have "authentic" comparison, I just rate base on taste and unfortunately, I haven't come across a good cheesesteak in Madison.  Amy's Cafe cheesesteak just tastes like all others I've had and they seem to be the same with poor qualities: inconsistent bites (some bites are mild, most bites are way too salty); not enough mushroom, onions, and peppers; and the bread to stuffing ratio is always off where you get mostly bread.  If anyone knows of a great cheesesteak in Madison, please e-mail me.
414 West Gilman Street, Madison, WI 53703
(608) 255-8172 

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fulton's on the River - High Quality Delicacies

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Twin Wild Cold Water Lobster Tails
Don't let the word "cold" steer you away from this voluptuousness especially when there are two seven ounces wild cold water lobster tails, boiled with melted butter and served with grilled lemon.  If you're a fan of sweeter and more tender seafood, cold water lobster is the way to go.  Already succulent with a luxurious texture, Fulton's escalates the natural flavor simply by broiling it with melted butter.  These lobster tails are so luscious; the melted butter on the side is not necessary.
Firecracker Glazed Shrimp
The Firecracker Glazed Shrimp definitely brings excitement to your taste buds and more.  The crispy fried jumbo shrimps are gently blanketed with a tempura-like batter and smothered in a spicy yet sweet sauce.  Each bite stimulates a blissful moment and reminds you that this is what seafood done right should taste like.  This appetizer calls for jumbo shrimp, maybe in Fulton's mind for sharing, but I say it's because they know you can't get enough.  I don't recommend sharing because everyone would want their own.
Fresh Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes
Fulton's Fresh Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes are served with their house made tartar sauce and coleslaw.  No imitations or non-sense fillers here, just nice white tender succulent crabmeat.  The only complaint is that the slaw is a bit too tangy and acidic; I left it alone, leaving the meal missing a complementing flavor component.  But the crab cakes are still absolutely delicious; I would order it again.
Seared Seasonal Scallops
Surf and turf doesn't always have to be lobster and steak.  Fulton's seafood and meat combo involves perfectly seared scallops and tender pork belly.  The brilliant idea of having pork belly served with seared scallops takes the dish to an extreme level of satisfaction.  The delicate pair was cooked flawlessly with a melt in your mouth texture.  So satisfying, you'd want to stay faithful to this dish.
315 N. LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 822-0100

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Old Fashioned - Big Wisconsin Flavor

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The Old Fashioned House Burger
This stunning burger is grilled over a live fire and topped with fried onions, Bavaria's hickory-smoked bacon, aged Cheddar, garlic sauce and a soft-cooked egg served on a buttered and toasted roll.  With you choice of side salad or fries, or substitute onion strings, chips, potato salad, or cheese curds for extra, your meal is complete.  The Old Fashioned House Burger packs big flavor; each bite reignites the intense flavors of the succulent patty and crispy hickory-smoked bacon.  The aged Cheddar had the perfect amount of rich and sharpness that sneaks up on you at the end of each bite, wrapping all the big flavors in one mouthful.  Great burger, you gotta try!
Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup
If Wisconsinites can have it their way, the Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup is the choice of liquid they would swim in.  Creamy-slick and sharply-smooth is the amusement your tongue goes through when sipping a spoonful of delightfulness.  And to top it off, they garnish popcorn of all things.  Little do you know that this is the best ingredient to add for texture and also for flavor.  The popcorn soaking up the soup becomes a flavor of its own.  Somehow the combination just works.  I really wished they had added more popcorn.
Green Bay Chili
The Green Bay Chili contains an Old Fashioned secret recipe of seasoned beef and red beans served over spaghetti with shredded Cheddar, onion and sour cream.  I love the ingredients but unfortunately, the flavor lacks a bit.  I wanted more toppings; more cheese, sour cream, even spaghetti.  And also some basic ingredients like salt and pepper.  Otherwise great quality and quantity of beef; in this dish you won't have to ask "Where's the Beef?"
Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder Sandwich
Wood-grilled and slow roasted pork shoulder, hand pulled and topped with pickle relish, Muenster cheese and smoked paprika sauce on Texas toast; a smart formula for great flavor.  Again, the Old Fashioned packs their sandwich with a ton of flavor; melt in your mouth juicy, bold buttery, cheesy and absolutely yummy.
23 North Pinckney Street #1, Madison, WI
(608) 310-4545

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Imperial Garden brings flavor to Madison

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Peking Duck
If you're someone who have not tried duck or only have had it in a simple preparation, you should definitely try Imperial Garden's Peking Duck.  It's a whole duck specially prepared and served in three courses.  You can tell the dish is takes time since Imperial Garden requests you order at least one day in advance.

The first course is crispy duck skin with madarin crepes (picture on left).  This is my favorite part of the meal because of the unique sweet, crispy, and juiciness you get alone just from the duck skin.  Usually, duck skin has a really thick soft fatty texture, though the thin duck skin had a bacon-like crispiness.  It's thin duck bacon!  Also a highlight, is the sweet glaze that has a candy mango flavor you can't get enough of.

The second course is duck soup with assorted vegetables (top right).  Similar to other poultry broth, the duck soup has a familiarity though this soup is more flavorful and has great texture with the bits of duck, mushrooms and carrots.

Lastly, the third course is the seasoned sauteed duck served with rice (lower right).  The duck is cooked perfectly, just absolutely tender and moist.  Unfortunately, it has a strong soy sauce presence that masks the gaminess of the duck though because of that, the dish has a one tone flavor.  I wish more flavor is incorporated into this part of the dish especially when the first two courses are packed flavor and uniqueness.  Overall, great experience.  I would definitely ask for the soup and crispy duck skin again. 
Lettuce Wrapped Shrimp
Another great experience is their lettuce wrapped shrimp which can also come in chicken or tofu, appetizer or entree.  I'm admitting, I have returned solely for the lettuce wrapped shrimp.  They serve their lettuce wrap with a choice of lettuce or mandrin pancake, but why choose? Have both lettuce and mandrin pancake which is what I suggest; I wouldn't have it any other way.  You take the pancake and lay a lettuce leaf on top.  Then, layer the mince shrimp and vegetables with the thin crisp noodles and drizzle a spoonful of ginger soy over the spectrum of food.  Either fold it up like a taco or roll it up like an eggroll; prepare yourself, this can get messy.  With your first bite, you'll notice an amazing savory flavor from the shrimp like a smoky hibachi with savory sweet flavor.  In addition, you get all this great crunchy texture from the dry crispy noodle and lettuce and soft texture from season cooked veggies and the thin stretchy pancake.  I totally recommend this dish.  Also be sure to get the ginger soy sauce with it.  It compliments it so perfectly.  I had a server forget it once.

Crispy Duck
Half, bone-in duck seasoned, roasted and fried is definitely a way to overcome the gaminess duck naturally has.  It may be for those who are familiar with the duck flavor though I believe it can be a dish for ones who want to venture out and try something different.  It is very similar to fried chicken but beware, duck meat is all dark meat.  The crisp duck is served with hoisin sauce which helps add sweetness to the dish.  Also, be careful when biting into this meal, you'll notice you'll hit bone more often then you would when eating chicken.

Shrimp Rangoon
Typically you'll find in the appetizer section crab rangoon which is cream cheese with a blend of shredded crab imitation.  Imperial Garden has a different take and has chunks of fresh shrimp mixed in with cream cheese.  The taste and texture of the shrimp is all there and works great with cream cheese and crispy fried wrap.  The sauce has a sweet pineapple flavor and added a bit more, complementing the shrimp rangoon.

Crispy Scallops
And there's always at least one dish that lessens the experience.  Unfortunately, the lightly battered deep fried scallops disappointed me in many ways.  I had expectations since I was content with the other dishes but with this dish, disappointment couldn't have been avoided.  As you can see from the picture alone, you wouldn't have any idea what that was.  Is it chicken nuggets, fried veggie slices, what is it?  Well, it's the crispy scallops which was once probably 3 or 4 perfectly fine scallops until thinly sliced, covered in batter, and fried.  Its basically getting overpriced fish sticks.
2039 Allen Boulevard, Middleton, WI
(608) 238-6445

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AJ Bombers - Fun, Creative, Wisconsin Burger Joint

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Mad Sconnie Burger
Uniquely Madison. As a Wisconsinite, it's only right to try the amazing Mad Sconnie Burger built with Gahnzo patty (grass fed beef blended with Nueske's bacon), frickles (fried pickles), signature bomber sauce (house creamy ketchup), lettuce, tomato all cradled in yummy spicy cheese bread made by our local Stella's Bakery.  Do I really need to say more to have you go out and try this colossal ingredient packed burger?  If that doesn't convince you, think about the tangy crispy fried pickles giving more crunch texture and flavor to the already unique combo patty along with a savory smooth sauce.
Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls
Creative.  Yup that's right, AJ Bombers found a way to differentiate themselves from not just burger joints, but from many other food joints by redesigning a traditional menu and keeping it local.  An example of their uniqueness is found right away in the their appetizer, the Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls.  Chopped buffalo chicken and cheddar cheese wrapped in a crispy eggroll wrapper with a side of ranch or blue cheese.  The crispy wrapper adds a great crunchy texture and something more, stepping outside of the usual soggy breading of a boneless chicken wing.  A fun way to start out.
Brunch Burger
Morning Delight in a Bite.  Imagine your morning with eggs and bacon, turkey and gravy, and pancake with sweet syrup.  Where do you get that in one sitting?  AJ Bombers has your perfect brunch burger on Saturdays and Sundays.  This amazing brunch contains turkey patty, bacon, eggs, gravy mayo and peanut hollandaise on cranberry focaccia bread.  Your first bite will take you to a golden summer morning on a fresh green field.  And the bites after, you'll be twirling in the winds in slow motion.  Yup!  It's that good.
Black Bean Burger
Become a vegetarian for a day.  I said it, VEGETARIAN.  With just black beans mixed with seasonings and panko formed into a patty, layered with lettuce, tomato and Bomber Sauce; the Black Bean Burger packs a surprising amount of flavor and satisfaction.  This is probably the one time something good for your actually tastes good.  Crazy to say, but this burger could be the murderer of my carnivorous days.  For a burger joint, AJ Bombers actually have a great variety of vegetarian options: Veggie Burger, Stuffed 'Shoom and of course the Black Bean Burger.
Mac -n- Cheese Eggrolls
Special Eggrolls Saturdays.  I don't mean the ones stuffed with cabbage, carrots and pork.  Try their specially designed eggrolls on Saturdays.  Ever had Mac -n- Cheese wrapped in a wonton wrapper, or how about chili cheese or BBQ?  Try something different, you'll be amazed how tasty and creative AJ Bombers' staff can wrap things up.  But don't hesitate, these awesome eggrolls won't last.
A little different, eh?  To change things up, AJ Bombers goes beyond to bring back the Poutine, a Quebec dish with cheese curds, fries and gravy.  Poutine has made it on my list of comfort food.  The cheese and gravy with fries has all savoriness that makes you feel like you don't need anyone else in the world.  But once you ate all the cheese curds, you will want to your friends.  The simple three-ingredient dish is lovely, but needs all three together to have that perfect bite.  Unfortunately, the only complaint about this dish is that there are not enough cheese curds.  Fries and gravy alone just don't cut it.
Grilled Cheese
Basic to Delicious.  A great combination of Wisconsin cheddar, muenster cheese, bacon, tomato and Bomber Sauce on Panini bread.  The warm ooey-gooey cheeses and crispy bacon makes you melt more than the sandwich itself.
Barrie Burger
Not for everyone.  Another unique burger on their menu is the Barrie Burger, which is layered with a quarter pound burger, lots of bacon, American cheese and natural chunky peanut butter.  Unfortunately, the burger overall tasted identical to a plain peanut butter sandwich.  Although the bacon cheeseburger tasted great together without the peanut butter; the flavor was masked by the peanut butter where the stickiness and dryness had me dipping the burger into a ranch sauce crying for moisture.  And believe it or not, the PB also suppressed the tangy ranch flavor.  I appreciate the idea; unfortunately, the PB didn't work for me.
Peanut Bomb
Peanuts! Heads up! Kaboom!  As you walk in to the restaurant, you'll notice the unpolished floor decorated with peanut shells and beams stretched across the ceiling.  And shortly after you're seated, you'll realize why it's called AJ Bombers.  The bartender dumps a handful of peanuts into the bombshells and launches them.  As it sores towards your table, an exploding sound wakens you and a rain of peanuts drop down a tube into the bucket at your table.  The majority will make it into the bucket, though the combustion can cause peanut debris to fall on the table and floor.  Since the floor already has peanuts sprinkled all over, you are welcome to add to the decor and toss your peanut shells where ever.  A different menu, atmosphere, and vision; I recommend you to try it out and have "AJ Bomb" good time.
201 West Gorham Street, Madison, WI 
(608) 305-4474 

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1241 N Water Street, Milwaukee, WI 
(414) 221-9999 

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Villa Dolce - A Modern Italian Cafe Experience

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Italian Mac-n-Cheese
Villa Dolce is a cute modern Italian cafe hidden in Downtown Middleton.  The restaurant is a redesign of a historic building, creating an authentic Italian cafe feel with warm colors, decor, and ambiance.  Thanks to restaurant week, I was able to experience the delightfulness the restaurant has to offer.  Their Italian Mac-n-Cheese comes out in a cute little black pot topped with herbs and breadcrumbs.  It was a light, smooth, delicious appetizer made with real Mascarpone, Fontina, and Parmesan cheese.  No heavy cream or runny cheese, just real ingredients and real flavors.
Organic Arugula & Spinach Salad

The ultimate salad can be found here at Villa Dolce with their Organic Arugula and Spinach Salad mixed also with Candied Walnuts, Ricotta Salata Cheese, Mandarin Oranges and a Balsamic Glaze; the perfect combination for flavor and texture.  Something so small can cause such an explosion of greatness in your mouth, you can't get enough.  I never thought I could say this, but I would have been fully satisfied with this salad alone.  But I'm glad I didn't stop there.
Angus Flat Iron Steak
Another explosion of flavor came from their Angus flat iron steak served with smashed fingerling potatoes, demiglace, and green beans.  With the perfect char on the outside and modest amount of demiglace; the already juicy, tender steak was enhanced to a "melt in your mouth" gratification. 
Fresh Lemon Pepper Linguini with Tiger Shrimp & Portabella Mushrooms
Unfortunately, there was a dish that left me a bit of confused since there were so many other great dishes.  The fresh lemon pepper linguini with tiger shrimp & portabella mushrooms tossed in olive oil, garlic, herbs finished with shaved parmesan sound great on the menu though it didn't hit my tongue the way it read.  The lemon pepper linguini was a bit strong and overpowering.  It had the kick I love, unfortunately, it was overpowering the wonderful flavor of the tiger shrimp and everything else on the dish.  This was very disappointing since the shrimp was done so well where it embraced the olive oil and herbs.  The more pasta I ate, the more all the other flavors disappear and suppressed into the pepper.  I do enjoy the real ingredients used though didn't enjoy a plate of pepper.
To break me apart from the disappointing linguini, the cannoli brought me back to the expectation I had from the first course.  Their cannoli was made with Ricotta and Vanilla Powdered Sugar dusted with Cocoa Powder.  The shell had a great solid crunch to balance out the smooth light cream on the inside.
Another enjoyable dessert was their tiramisu.  Presented in a tin cup, you still get Lady Fingers, Mascarpone Cheese, Powdered Sugar, Expresso and Frangelico.  So light and delightful, you wish you got two.  It's absolutely delicious and the most perfect tiramisu you can imagine coming from a little cup.

You must try this delightful Italian Cafe at least for the wonderful modern Italian ambiance it presents.

Villa Dolce Website
1828 Parmenter Street  Middleton, WI 53562-3175
(608) 833-0033

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Cheesecake Factory - More Than Just Delicious Desserts

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Strawberry Shortcake
 If it weren't for my sweet tooth, dessert loving friends, I would have missed out on a ton of deliciousness The Cheesecake Factory has to offer.  Of course your first impression on the name itself is sweet rich dessert, so why are there so many people dining outdoors for brunch early Sunday morning at this restaurant?  Well, you just have to make it out there.  The second you enter through the grand doors you'll notice amusement theme feel where the size is grand, the decor is grand, and best of all the food is grand.  To give you an idea, we held up a dollar next to their delicious Strawberry Shortcake.  This simple dessert of shortcake with vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries and whipped cream was just the perfect touch to complete our meal.  Each strawberry had the perfect sweetness and tartness that complemented the soft flaky cake and creamy dairy.  As grand as this dessert was, the fresh deliciousness had me wishing I didn't have to share.
Miso Salmon
The grand theme is repeated in their menu.  You'll find dishes influenced from all over the nation and world.  You'll find American, Spanish, Italian, Caribbean, Asian, and so on.  The Miso Salmon is served with snow peas, white rice and surrounded by a pool of delicious miso.  The salmon was tender and flaky, cooked with great color and flavor and is enhanced to exquisiteness when touched with the sweet savory miso sauce.
Shepherd's Pie
And even with a grand ceilings, grand furniture, and grand dishes, you can find a homey comfort with their Sheperd's Pie.  Made with ground beef, mushrooms, carrots, peas, zucchini and onion in a savory sauce covered with a mashed potato-parmesan cheese crust.  How much more comforting can that be?  The delicate veggies sits in a spa of savory brown meat base warming you with comfort in each bite.  The mashed potato takes it to another level of comfort as the creaminess of the mashed potato works your taste buds and massages you to tranquility.

Monday, October 17, 2011

HuHot Mongolian Grill - Create Your Own Personalized Meal

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This array of colorful dishes comes from HuHot's various selections of food.  You get a menu for appetizers, soups and salads, and dessert.  "A Taste of the Bounty" is a great way to start off especially if you don't know which appetizer to start out with; why not try it all and have crispy eggrolls, potstickers, and rangoons served with sweet and sour sauce?  But wait, it gets even more exciting once you get to their food bar.  The food bar has it all; meat, seafood, noodles, veggies, and plenty of amazing sauces to design your perfect, made-to-satisfaction, personalized Mongolian dish.  Although it seems too good to be true, a few rules of thumb you should follow to make this dream come true.

1. Make room.  Have a small lunch before going to dinner or go when you can literally eat a horse.

2. Small portions.  This leads to more trips to the food bar, which leads to more experience with their varieties and perfecting your dish.

3. Don't be shy.  Go up as much as you'd like, also don't be shy on the ingredients.  The more ingredients you play with, the more you'll find your dishes to be very tasty.

Be sure to follow my rules of thumb and enjoy.
610 Junction Road Madison, WI 53717
(608) 827-7110

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