Sunday, April 15, 2012

Luigi's - Inexpensive Italian Bistro, Delizioso!

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Molten cheese oozes and surrounds this massive traditional meat lasagna.  Ricotta, mozzarella, sausage, and tomato sauce layer nicely and bring comfort with every bite.  This is lasagna done right; meaty, creamy, and saucy with every flavor distributed evenly.  I know the next time I crave for lasagna, I'll be at Luigi's getting mine!
Dough Knots
Artichoke & Mushroom Crostini
Aside from pasta, salads, pizza, and paninis, Luigi's offers a few other things such as their Dough Knots which are tied pizza dough, baked and tossed with herbed parmesan cheese and the Artichoke & Mushroom Crostini which contains roasted artichokes, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and goat cheese.  These simple appetizer size dishes have great flavors and are a great way to start.  Most involves bread though it won't spoil your appetite.  The crispy yet moist bread actually has a light tenderness to it, just enough to give the other ingredients extra texture without losing flavor.

Meatball Pasta
I know you see only three meatballs in this dish, though trust me, it's more than you can handle.  These meatballs are almost baseball size; hand-rolled, slow-cooked in Luigi's tomato sauce with corkscrew pasta, and baked with mozzarella cheese.  Unfortunately it came out a bit dry with minimal cheese and sauce, moisture and texture differences.  I would try it again only because I believe this was baked in the oven a little too long on accident and dried up the sauce and cheese, and harden the pasta.
Chicken Parm Panini
I'm not much of a sandwich person, but this - I can eat this every day!  The meaty moist tender grilled chicken brings you back to comfort and the additional flavor with the pepperoni and provolone pulls you in for more.  Though what amazed me most is the bread that cradles the deliciousness and heightens each bite through an amazing texture of moistness and crispiness to this panini that already has it going on.
Fuhgeddaboudit Thin Crust Pizza
Fuh-ged-da-boud-it!  When ordering this, you almost want to turn your hand palms up, put your fingertips together and pretend your a good fella.  The Fuhgeddaboutit pizza is made with classic cornmeal dusted thin crust pizza and is dolled up with tomato sauce, Italian meats, red onions, olives and mozzarella with arugula.  Like many other Luigi's pizza, the ingredients and toppings are unique and delicious.  My only comment is that I would have enjoyed it more if each slice held most of the toppings.  There were a few slices that didn't get all the awesome toppings.

I'll be going to Luigi's again for Italian when I'm looking for something tasty and affordable.  I mean, how can I not go back when there's the "hey yo" and "bada bing" pizzas I still need to try and also the "yeah buddy" panini.  Check it out!
515 South Midvale Blvd, Madison WI, 53711

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