Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ever Had Yak? Taste of Tibet Can Help

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Yak Meatballs
So where can you get yak in the Midwest?  Well, it's actually closer than you think.  Taste of Tibet doesn't import the lean meat from the Himalayas, they simply get their yak meat from a local farm in the Green Bay area.  Yak is similar to beef though is leaner and actually considered a healthy red meat.  Stay with me here.  Similar but different from beef meatballs, the yak is balled up with ingredients but placed over an amazing sweet and spicy sauce.  You can see and taste the true ingredients of this dish.  Another cool aspect is the steam bun I opted for instead of rice or noodles.  I've had steam buns where they were filled but this was the first where it's purpose is like rice, noodles, or bread.  It's definitely a fun way to eat, I truly recommend the steam buns.
Sha Baleb
Homemade bread stuffed with seasoned ground beef mixed with onion, garlic deep fried served with hot sauce.  This appetizer does have the homemade feel and flavor.  It has a very familiar warm and savory taste.  My only critic is that I would like a bit more stuffing.  The bread-to-stuffing ratio here can take away that homey taste from the stuffing.

Chicken Sizzler
The chicken sizzler, a simple dish with chicken, veggies and noodles served on a hot platter yet it packs an awesome flavor.  The dish comes out carrying the sounds from the kitchen as it continues to sizzle like fire over to the table.  The sauce is very mouthwatering with the perfect savory and salty marriage perfect for the noodles, veggies, and chicken.  The only slight down side was the chicken being a bit over cooked.  Taste of Tibet do serve a Yak Sizzler which I would have to try the next time I go.
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  1. I just don't know about Yak, did you like it?

  2. The Yak meatball wasn't too bad. It was a bit tough and had a bit of a grainy taste. I don't want to generalize Yak off of my Yak Meatball experience. I'm hoping to try a Yak steak to get more of an accurate flavor and texture. Keep posted - I got a feeling it might be soon :)