Saturday, August 20, 2011

Affordable Authentic Mexican Eats Downtown Madison - Los Gemelos

Steak Tostada
Tostada with steak, queso fresco, lettuce, avocado, tomato, and mayonnaise.  It sounds like a simple tostada, though I'm drawn to the unique addition of mayonnaise.  It's not powerful, just enough to get a bit of tang in every other bit adding a bit more flavor to the already delicious ripe avocado and tomatoes.  For $3 a piece, this is a great deal.
Chilaquiles Con Beef
Green chilaquiles accompanied with beef, onions and cheese served with a side of rice and beans.  Chilaquiles, a traditional Mexican dish, are typically a mixture of triangle cut tortillas and salsa (green in this case) simmered till the tortillas soften then served with either eggs, chicken, or beef.  I experienced the dish with beef and discovered a different meat may have been a better choice.  The beef had no seasoning, or flavor whatsoever yet the chilaquiles was high on zest and soggy corn tortilla triangles.  It was very interesting but the beef and the chilaquiles did not come together because of the bi-polar flavors.  It wasn't too bad, though I know I probably won't have this dish again even though it's only $8.50. 
Bistec Encebollado
Beef marinated with Los Gemelos family recipe of spices covered with onions served with cactus, a side salad, rice and beans.  Unlike the chilaquiles, this dish had plenty flavor.  The dish came with a side of corn tortilla so you can dress it up however you'd like.  The beef had a variety of spices seasoned all over and tossed with even more flavor with a bit of chorizo.  The cooked onion had a tender but crispy texture and the cactus had a soft body with a watery texture and a zesty lime flavor.  Place these elements all together rolled in a corn tortilla and with just one bit, your taste buds go crazy taking an immediate hit of all the different flavors and textures.  For $8.50, you just gotta try.

244 West Gilman Street, Madison, WI

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