Saturday, August 6, 2011

Great Mexican Steak Dishes at La Hacienda - Made with Real Ingredients

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Bistec Con Rajas Y Queso
Looking for a tasty Mexican dish outside of your usual burritos, enchiladas, fajita, etc?  Then try this Bistec Con Rajas Y Queso at La Hacienda.  Not only because of the obvious melted cheese topped all over the dish but also for the aromatic flavors cooked into the chopped ribeye steak.  I can't quite lay my finger on the exact ingredient that makes this dish amazing but it's that comforting taste of homemade, something you know was made with real ingredients, something as if ma made it.  A very great dish.

Carne Asada a La Tampiquena
Carne Asada a La Tampiquena is definitely a mouthful to say but it worth ordering the mouthwatering butterfly cut tender steak served with cheese enchilada and your usual sides of rice and beans.  The steak had a nice grilled flavor and seasoning.  For it's thin butterfly cut, it still holds an abundance of flavor, juiciness, and tenderness.  Very true to the flavors of a Mexican cookout.

If you check out La Hacienda with a group of friends, check out their Parrilladas, similar to fajitas, the dish continues to sizzle in front of you but it's because it's sitting over an open flame.  You can get a small order but getting the large and sharing the experience is all the more fun.  I totally recommend it.

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