Saturday, July 30, 2011

Capitol Chophouse

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Capitol Chophouse Dinner Restaurant Week
Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder
I first must apologize for the quality of the photo - my cellphone does not have flash and the restaurant had a very dark setting.  I tried to brighten the photos without loosing the image of the dish.

The Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder contained cherry tomato, kalamata olive, fingerling potato, and mint pesto.  The lamb was very tender; usually the shoulder is tender part of a lamb, and with the slow cooking, this lamb shoulder practically melted with each bite.  The shoulder and tenderness of the lamb was great though it was easily overpowered by the mint yogurt and kalamata olives. Unfortunately the ingredients did not play off each other well.  Great clean tender meat but not much of anything else to complement the lamb.

Grilled N.Y. Strip
Grilled N.Y. Strip contained celeriac mashed potato and Cabernet demi glace.  The demi glace was dark and sweet for the Strip though the celeriac mashed potato was a bit more of a puree than mashed and had a very clean flavor from the celery root when I would probably prefer a regular mashed potato.  The dish had very little contrast in flavor though it wasn't necessary with the tasty tender N.Y. Strip.
9 East Wilson Street, Madison, WI

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